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On-site services


We also offer breakfasts, this can only be done by reservation (except Tuesday and Wednesday).

To do this, you must book the day before before 5 p.m. at the latest either by phone or by SMS to, indicate the type of breakfast, the number of breakfasts and a schedule.
From there a confirmation will be systematically sent to you.

Here are the different types of breakfast at the Haut-Forez chalets:

-The Rapide: coffee or tea or hot chocolate with pastries.
A croissant and a pain au chocolat.
€ 6.00

-The Tartine: coffee or tea or hot chocolate with pastries and toast.
A croissant with a Forezien bread and a grain bread with butter and local honey and homemade jam.
€ 9.00

-The Complete: coffee or tea or hot chocolate with bread and local cold meats.
A Forezien bread and a grain bread with butter and local honey and artisan jam, accompanied by a plate of charcuterie made up of ham cooked in a vegetable broth without preservative, raw ham from the Massif Central prepared in rouanne, Allier's traditional head roll and its homemade country pâté.
€ 13.00


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En train: TGV à la Gare de Châteaucreux à Saint Etienne Ligne TER de Saint Etienne à Clermont Ferrand (arrêts en gares de Bonson, de Saint Romain le Puy, de Montbrison)

En avion: Aéroport International de Lyon Saint Exupéry et Aéroport Andrézieux Bouthéon

Point of Tourist Info

Passez à l'Office de Tourisme Loire Forez.

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Fire department: 18


SAMU: 15


Police: 17


Medical office ...

Corona, you won't get me!

1, Apply the recommendations of the health authorities in order to fight against COVID-19.
2, Provide hydro-alcoholic gels that meet bactericidal standards.
3, Set up social distancing in common areas.
4, Ensure quality catering while respecting sanitary measures.
5, Disinfect accommodation before and after each departure.
6, Protect bedding with disposable covers.
7, Daily disinfect common areas so that you can enjoy them.
8, Favor payment by bank card and systematically disinfect the terminal.
9, Display the disinfection monitoring panels for you to familiarize yourself with.
10, Develop activities focused on natural spaces.