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Le plan d'eau, 600 route d'Apinac, 42550 Usson-en-Forez

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Group activity (by reservation only)
Sarbacane and bow fighting (full details below).

Equipment hire
- Walking sticks.
- Fishing rods.
- Board games.
- Balls.
- Turn ball.
- Frisbees.
- Darts.
- Table tennis.
- Badminton.
- Petanque.
- Mountain biking and electrically assisted mountain biking (full details below).
- Combat'Arc in the forest (full details below).

Outdoor activities
- Riding centre, pony and horse riding.
- Geocatching, orienteering.
- Acrobatic courses in height.
- Giant Tyrolean traverse.
- Scooter and downhill kart.
- Ski resort.

On the page "my recommendations" you will find all the external partners within a perimeter of 30 km around the site (restaurants, museums, farm visits, walks, leisure parks, etc...)
The "tourist agenda" page is affiliated with the tourist offices and presents all the events and activities sorted by date.


Blowpipe shooting (from 8 people minimum)
Blowpipe shooting is a precision and concentration activity, suitable for everyone (from 6 years old). This activity is intended for groups or large families (from 8 people minimum), who must be accompanied by a leader (for your safety).
As progress is very fast, blowpipe shooting is a motivating game, which can be played with friends, for a discovery day, a school outing, team building...

The aim of the game
This fun activity is played with a precision tube from which darts are propelled by your breath on a target, in a standing position, with the shoulder line facing the target. Different games are offered in teams, and the sum of the results is used to establish a final ranking.    
For the best team, the children (under 16 years old) will win a surprise.

The material
A blowpipe is an aluminium tube with a mouthpiece to channel the breath and a sight. The projectiles are darts with different colours to distinguish the result.
We have two shooting ranges, one at 3 metres for discovery and another at 5 metres for precision.
The targets are real archery blazons, numbered and coloured to diversify the games.

Safety (3 zones are set up)
The forbidden zone: no one should go there without being authorised by the instructor.
The shooting zone: the shooters are always turned towards the target, no shooter can load his blowpipe before the organizer's authorization.
The waiting area: the shooters and accompanying persons are sheltered here.

Hygiene + + +
The mouthpiece is of course cleaned with antibacterial soap and disinfected with 90° alcohol before each session and remains individual during the whole game.

-Group of 8 people: 12 € per person, 40 minutes session.
-Group of 12 people: 11 € per person, 50 minutes session.
-Group of 16 people: 10 € per person, 1 hour session.


Archery Combat (combat from 8 people minimum or equipment rental for target shooting from two people)

After Airsoft in the 60's, Paint-Ball in the 70's and Laser-Game in the 80's, was created in the USA in 2011 the Archery-Tag which was then diffused in Europe under the name of Battle-Archery then arrived in France under the name of Combat d'Arcs.
Generally, this new activity is developed indoors but we have innovated by proposing you to practice the Combat d'Arcs on our field in the forest.

Combat d'Arcs is a fun, physical and dynamic activity in which you will handle a bow and arrows in our 900 m² field in the Brugne wood of the Haut-Forez chalets.
This activity can be played individually or in groups of 8 to 12 people under the supervision of an instructor.

The aim of the game
For individuals: (from 6 years old, accompanied by an adult) precision shooting on targets with 5 spots and 3D animal targets.
For groups: (two types of groups possible: from 8 to 12 years old and from 13 to 99 years old) competing with two teams of several players who shoot at each other with three different types of games:

The points game.
(The player with the most points wins)
This style of play is the most athletic and impressive for spectators, as it is fast and acrobatic and involves many position changes.
It is popular with both beginners (as there is no elimination) and experienced players, who will be looking for the highest score.
The spectators will not be left out as they will be involved in the scoring.
Basic rules:
 The objective of this style of play is to score as many points as possible in the time available (usually between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the schedule and the number of players).

Points are scored in the following manner:
1 point is awarded for :
-An arrow shot at an opponent's body, clothing or equipment.
-An arrow shot at an opponent's spot.

2 points are awarded for :   
Catching an opponent's arrow in mid-air.

The elimination game.
This game appeals to more experienced players, or those who like to take risks.
When a player is hit by an arrow, he/she is out of the game until one of his/her teammates catches an arrow in flight, or hits one of the opposing team's 5-spot target.

Basic rules:
The objective of this style of play is to have the most players and the most spots left in your target at the end of a set time (usually 5-10 minutes depending on the schedule and the number of players).

Taking a player out of the game:
A player is considered out of the game and must leave the field if:
-The player is hit by an arrow of the opposing team (whole body, clothing or equipment).
The player shoots an arrow that is caught in mid-air by an opposing player.
Recall of a player :
A player may return to play if:
A teammate catches an opponent's arrow in mid-air.
-A teammate hits one of the spots on the opposing team's 5-spot target.

The flag game.
The aim is to get a flag from the opponent's area and bring it back to the team's area.

Basic rules:
The objective of this style of play is to eliminate all the players of the opposing team or to bring the opposing flag back to your own side.
(Time can be up to a maximum of 20 minutes, a game more suitable for larger sportsmen with a large number of players).

Eliminating a player:
A player is considered out of the game and must leave the field if:
-The player is hit by an arrow of the opposing team (body, clothing or equipment).
The player shoots an arrow that is caught in mid-air by an opposing player.

Although the activity is considered safe, it is essential that everyone on the field, player or referee, is equipped with protective gear.
Moreover, our small forest is configured as a fighting field with natural difficulties, trees, rocks, roots, which implies a risk of bumping into each other or getting bruised.
This activity is therefore reserved for physical people who are not afraid of the cold.
The shooting between two players must include a safety distance of 3m.

Each player will be equipped with :
-A bow adapted to his size.
-Arrows with foam tips.
-A protective helmet with a ventilated grill.
-A forearm protection bracelet.

Hygiene + + +
All equipment is cleaned with antibacterial soap and disinfected with antibacterial disinfectant spray before each session and remains individual for the duration of the game.

Prices for group sessions of 50 minutes (approximately 4×10 minutes or 2×20 minutes depending on the type of game):
-Group of 8 people: 16 € per person.
-Group of 10 people: 14 € per person.
-Group of 12 people: 12 € per person.

Rates for individual sessions of 20 minutes (a deposit of 200 € by credit card loan and an identity document will be requested)
-from 1 to 2 people: 9 € per person.
-from 3 to 4 people: 7 € per person.
-from 5 to 6 people: 5 € per person.


The mountain bikes
2 men's bikes (with a trailer for the little ones)
4 women's bikes
4 teenage bikes
4 children's bikes

With helmets and locks

-1 hour of activity: 10€.
-2h of activity: 15 € (for the whole day)
-Half day: 20€ (€)
-Full day: 32 €.
-Trailer supplement: 5 €.

-Deposit of 250 € and identity card.


8 Giant VTTAE (Electrically assisted, semi-rigid, Dirt-E+3)
-1 of size XL (over 1m92) giant.
-1 size L (1m82 to 1m92) men.
-2 of size M (1m72 to 1m82) women.
-4 size S (1m62 to 1m72) children from 11/12 years.

With helmets and padlocks

-1h activity: 15 €.
-2h of activity: 20 €.
-Half a day: 30 €.
-Full day: 42 €.
-Deposit of 800 € and identity card.