Our entertainment room 🎉

Le plan d'eau, 600 route d'Apinac, 42550 Usson-en-Forez

Our entertainment room
                   You party ... You sleep on the spot!

We provide you with a FESTIVE AREA for your private events:

Birthdays, christenings, family reunions, cousinades, weddings, cocktails, works councils, seminars, concerts / shows, fairs / exhibitions, dance floor, etc.

80m2 entertainment room equipped with tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 78 people in seats for a conference, 60 people for a banquet and 30 around a U-shaped table.

-Equipped with a professional kitchen of 14m2 (a dishwasher, two gas and electric kitchen pianos, two traditional and steam ovens, a microwave, a professional refrigerator, an ice maker and a professional coffee maker).
With an independent entrance for caterers.

-Equipment essential for holding a seminar or internship (Wi-Fi, a professional video projector with a large screen, a flipchart, notepad, pens, etc.).
Bottles of water and glasses as well as a welcome coffee are included in our seminar service.

Sanitary facilities suitable for people with reduced mobility and close to accommodation: chalets, caravans, huts.
Comfortable so that you can fully enjoy your evening and your guests by staying on site.


                 Put your teams green!

We also offer you the partial or complete organization of your business seminars, residential internships, meetings and training over one or more days.

We work with external service providers to offer you à la carte services. (Events, caterers, florist, adventure park, orienteering ...).

It is also possible to rent the seminar room for the day without additional services, we adapt to your requests and your budget!

Prices 2024 (incl.tax, administrative fees and tourist taxes included)

Entertainment room

The week

-8h: 300 €
-24h: 400 €
-48h: 600 €

The weekend
-8h: 400 €
-24h: 600 €
-48h: 700 €

2025 rates (all taxes included)

Weekly rate
-8h: 300 €
-24h: 500 €
-48h: 700 €

-8h: 400 €
-24h: 600 €
-48h: 800€

Only by credit card imprint of one or more credit cards.
-1220 €

For Christmas and New Years 24 hour minimum rental at weekend rate.

- Cleaning charge without washing dishes: 110 €

Preferential rates may be considered if there are cottage rentals twinned with the room.

For any rental of the entertainment room, a deposit is required (CB imprint)
-For the room and its equipment: 1000 €
-For cleaning: 220 €

Site privatization

Possible from early April to late June and from early September to late October.
This includes the entire site with all chalets (except in winter) and the entertainment room.

Rates 2024 (incl. VAT, booking fees and tourist taxes)
-24h (one night): €2,200
-48h (two nights): €3200

Rates for 2025 (including booking fees and tourist taxes)
-24h (one night): €2200
-48h (two nights): €3500

- Cleaning charge without washing dishes: 220 €

For any rental of the entertainment room, a deposit is required (CB imprint)
-For the room and its equipment: 2500 €
-For cleaning: 500 €

Cleaning packages
All cleaning packages are provided without washing dishes and can be carried out with a minimum of respect, for abusive and unhealthy disorders the bank deposit will be automatically charged.

For the rental of this room you are asked for a "civil liability for temporary occupation of property" insurance, this insurance is compulsory.
On the certificate, the place, date and time of arrival and departure must be clearly stated.
Certificate must be submitted before the date of your event.


Our coordinates

Residential Leisure Park

The chalets of Haut-Forez
600 route d'Apinac
42550 Usson-en-Forez

06 26 11 68 49

Our park is open from April to October.
Telephone service all year round, from 7am to 9pm, 7/7 days (if you get our answering machine, we'll call you back).

Mr Rubin Tony
EURL: Ouin
Siret: 881 662 563 00017
APE code: 5520Z / 5610C
Intra-community VAT: FR 43 881662563

Negativity is not allowed in the Residential Leisure Park, an obligation of courtesy and glee for a guaranteed good atmosphere.