Cultural visits

Usson in Forez succeeded an old Roman site Iciomago (Latin: the Tin market). Roman roads are still present. The city is mentioned on the Peutinger table on a road connecting Aquis segete (McLaughlin) and Reuessione (paulien). A mile marker with the name of the Emperor Maximinus (235-238) 1 was found nearby, in the hamlet of Grangeneuve North of Usson and currencies of Nero, Trajan, Domitien2...
Interesting places of Usson in Forez are:

The chapel Notre Dame de Chambriac , dating from the XII th century

The terminal which marks the border between drill, Auvergne, and Velay

The chapel Sainte-Reine in the hamlet of Lissac, which contains an original thumbnail on the instruments of the Passion made ivory

Poix ovens.

Ecomuseum of the mont du forez
Located on the site of a former convent, built in the ruins of the Castle
Exhibition on the farms and the ancient trades of the beginning of the 20th century
In 2005, the Museum received three national awards
• Tourism 2005 award
• Price Rustica
• Ecotourism award
In 2006
• Label remarkable garden

Ecomuseum of the Monts du Forez
Saint Joseph area
42550 - USSON en Forez

I visit the Ecomuseum of Usson in Forez

Museum of history of the 20th century Resistance and Deportation
42380 Estivareilles
Centered on the presentation of the fighting of August 1944 Estivareilles (events at the origin of the site)

the Vignal mill
42550 Apinac
The Vignal mill association invites you to discover the ancestral know-how of Millers foreziens...

Collegiate Church, lower Chapel and Tomb of mummies
42380 saint Bonnet Castle
Collegiate Church of Gothic style, fortification, bourgeois houses of the 15th and 16th century

International Museum bowls and balls
42380 saint Bonnet Castle
Saint Bonnet Castle, historical cradle and international benchmark of authenticity of the ball

Information to the Office of the country of Usson in Forez


Departure of 300 km of hiking trails.
The way of Santiago de Compostela...

... which corresponds to the route of the pilgrims coming from Bourgogne, crossing the Loire in the direction of le Puy en Velay.

It crosses the chapel in Lafaye, Montarcher, Luriecq, Estivareilles and Apinac.
Apinac and Montarcher correspond to two stages of the Lyon routes / le Puy, Cluny / le Puy. A variant has also arranged from the hamlet of Egarande at Estivareilles, in direction of le Puy en Velay by tray - Usson in Forez, Craponne sur Arzon, Saint Paulien etc...

Trail botanical and historic Chapel in lafaye

About 2.5 km course to discover the history of the village and identify the species of trees and plants, according to their name, their flowering, their own characteristic.

 Permanant orienteering course

Browse through a circuit by tags, you need to discover the route of your choice, using a special orientation map and a compass.
A tag with a punch to certify your passage.

 Itineraries MTB

Saint-Bonnet-le-Château country network offers over 300 km of mountain bike trails marked out according to the standards of the FFCT (Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme). 3 or 4 circuits of different technical levels (A-B-C-D), are available at the start of 5 communes and numbered.

1 Usson-en-Forez
2 saint-Hilaire-Cusson-la-Valmitte
3 saint-Maurice-in-Rossendale
4 saint-Bonnet-le-Château
5 saint-Saint-Jean-Soleymieux

Every year in November, Saint Bonnet Castle hosts the Sanbonnitaine, national mountain bike race all levels.

 Horseback riding

Ponies and horses. Horseback riding in full nature, from 1 hour to 1 day, Star rides.

Family hikes up to 6 people.

Open daily July/August and holidays

 Tourist train

In front of Chalets (100m)
Want to climb trees, discover a plant world, distract you and feel the throbbing heart of the forest?
With family, friends or colleagues, Usson Adventure is the perfect place to awaken your instincts adventurer: whatever your age, there is necessarily a course that suits you
.The Usson Adventure Park offers acrobatic activities in the firs: Tyrolean, pirate net, trampoline net, Liane Tarzan ...
The sensations are delicious and extraordinary emotions!

I visit the parc of usson aventure

 Tourist train

Do alone, in groups or family. Railway of Haut-Forez

Throughout the year, railway of Haut-Forez offers regular, special or theme trains. From family looking for Santa Claus, be afraid for Halloween, give originality to a family celebration, escape to snowshoe or biking or simply discover our beautiful region, it is possible.

Contact us! Discovery of the railway line between Estivareilles (42) and La Chaise-Dieu (43) on trains of the 1950s, from May to October.
Year-round organization theme trains and special trains scheduled for any event (associative, family, professional or otherwise).

Traffic from May to October, specific animations throughout the year and on reservation for groups
Information on schedules and fares à l'Office de tourisme du pays of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château

Office of Usson-en-Forez-04 77 50 66 15
Office of Saint - Bonnet 04 77 50 52 48

I visit the railway from the top - drill


The Quai des Arts

Station Avenue
42550 Usson en Forez
Tel: 04 77 50 60 99

Adult place: 6 euros
Reduced rate (unemployed, students, - 16 years): 4.50 euros

ask for the programme

 Honey and space far be the bee barn

And if bees were taking care of you?

Shop with all the products of the hive.Visits to the world of bees and Beekeeper's work

Wellness La Grange to the men, women and children hair spray Hair Salon bees bio, from the hive

Massage Room: Massage with honey massage traditional massage hot stone reflexology

I visit the honey House

 Forez Abiessence distillery

42600 VERRIERES drill Tel: (33) 04 77 76 58 85

Shop wellness.
Workshop discovery of aromatherapy

Free guided tour: culture and distillation of essential oils and organic floral waters

I visit abiessence


Tuesday morning
Usson in drill / Saint Jean Soleymieux
Friday morning Saint Bonnet Castle
Sunday morningSaint Maurice in Rossendale / Usson en Forez